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Hunter x Hunter (remake) Ep 57. HAHA

Phinks: It’s the boss. Hello?
Kurapika: I have three demands.
Phinks: The chain user?
Kurapika: The general rule is that my demands are absolute. If you don’t obey, I will kill your leader immediately. First, do not follow me. Second, do not harm your two hostages. Third, put that Pakunoda woman on the phone.
Phinks: Can I ask you something first? It’s about the second demand. The two hostages put up a struggle and we had to break a few bones. -grins-
Kurapika: Then we’re done negotiating. -hangs up-
Phinks: -dumbfounded look on his face and calls back-
Kurapika: What is it?
Phinks: Sorry, I was lying. Both of them are unharmed.
Kurapika: This is your last chance. Do not fool around. Put Pakunoda on the phone.
-After the phone is given to Pakunoda-
-Machi and Nobunaga punch Phinks on the head-

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